Fri 3rd Dec
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living room, a parlour and a bedroom, with the processes of spinning and knitting woollen products featured. Not your common or garden grandmother in the armchair kind of knitting, but the work of the famous ‘terrible knitters of Dent’, complete with ‘knitting sticks’. Additionally, there's a Dent Marble fireplace and examples of the fine china once produced by Miles Mason. There's also a wide range of information regarding education in the Dale, Christian worship, the Civil War period and the Restoration, slavery in the Dale and a host of other sources of enlightenment.

Down the stairs in the centre of this main room, one comes to a magnificent working model of a section of the Settle-Carlisle railway. However, once you've dragged the boys

away from it, there are other delights in store below-stairs, not least a wonderful and quite amazing account of the ‘Dent-Liverpool’ connection. Particularly for those who originate at the opposite end of the River Mersey to me, this is an attraction not to be missed. You might even discover you had ancestors from Dent!

After a few minutes soaking up the atmosphere, I was so impressed, we remained exploring for a good two and a half hours before treating ourselves to a pot of tea and two slices of Margaret Taylor's homemade orange cake, with which we sat outside in the sun, whilst I bored Tom to death with my exploits driving the tractor, haymaking, potato planting and potato picking when I was a teenager.

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admission: £3 Adults, £2.75 Concessions, £1.50 Children, £7.50 Family (2 adults + 2 children)

opening times: 11am-4pm Daily

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